Thursday, May 26, 2011

Make-UP anyone?

Why should one do make-up workshop?
Not for purely vanity reasons.  Make-up is more than looking beautiful but it has been used widely to raise self-eteem and confidence.  And women who feel good about themselves proved to be better in their performances in both career and interpersonal relationships.

Why would I want to go to a make-up workshop?
As a photographer and a blogger, socializing and client calls are necessary.  I have learned in my past experiences that people do measure you in terms of how you look.  Sloppy make-up or no make-up at all makes you look inefficient and unprofessional.  Upon learning, I groomed myself to look the professional that I am and noticed that people are more at  ease and more comfortable with me and what I can do.

I know I am good, so I initially felt that I need not put extra effort in how I look..because, people hire me for my skills.  Wrong.  At a conference that I attended,  one of the major factors that people fail in offering their services is because they fail in impression management.  If you don't look efficient, you are most likely to be thought of as inefficient.

The thing is, you can control what you think of yourself, but you cannot control the thoughts of people surrounding you.  

Like for example when applying for a job...In the interview, they size you up the moment you come in.  And the first impressions you give will tend to condition the mind of employer during the interview.  If you look sloppy and plain, you will that you have to work twice as hard to convince the interviewer that you are worth their time.  In these type of scenarios (and similar to this), perception,most often than not,  becomes reality.

There are a few exceptional individuals of course...unfortunately, I am one ladder below I have to kick ass to prove to other people that I am worth their money.  But before I could kick their asses, I have to put my foot on the door to  stop it from closing...and that is by packaging myself correctly.

Personally also, I find myself more confident in asserting when discussing a project...maybe because when I'm all made-up, I kinda look credible  *tee hee ^.^

My first attempts in make-up is disastrous.  I highlighted the wrong features and ended up scaring everyone.  Make-up lessons were not available in my turf I ended up experimenting and experimenting -----and experiencing humiliation after another that it became a private joke between me and my mom.  Not a very long one though, my mom owned a salon so  that embarrassing moment of my life did not last long :P  But it was expensive.  She had to hire me a personal beautician for all the parties and  events that I need to attend...she had the money...but I don't... so I have to learn quickly.

The one thing I was very scared of to do wrong was shape my eyebrows incorrectly.  Clean eyebrows equals a clean face.  Bushy eyebrows is not very makes the most attractive women look unattractive and some cases masculine.  Too thin eyebrows creates false expressions.  Eyebrows arched incorrectly is just plain disastrous... do you get my point? so be careful with your eyebrows, it's the one feature that actually defines your face.

My mom would always say that make-up is not about trying to be someone that you are not.  It supposed to bring out the best  in you...unless you're in theater.  The face is our primary tool in communication, and just like we choose the best dress, best gadgets, write the best letters, choose the best selections to represent us;  we should groom our face properly and appropriately, because its the only face people will look at and associate us with.

The  dilemma always is that when one tends to be beautiful one tends to wish for people to overlook the beauty to find something interesting in the person.   That one has characteristics and skills beyond the physical.  But most of the time people will only bother to dig deeper than what they see is when they look at an attractive face.  

Ironic, isn't it?

International Make-up Artist Mae Ann Cortez will be having a beauty make-up workshop/clinic on June 18-19, 2010.  Early Bird Registration is Php3,500.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soul Lifestyle

Everyone is becoming fond of Soul Lifestyle, it seems, so when I got invited to their opening in Abreeza, I decided to check them out.  I was with Tessa of Fashion Facile and Ria of

I've been to their Soul Lifestyle in Gmall Bajada and have always loved the quirky way they display their stuff...their clothes are unique as well.  Actually, my one fave black dress was from Soul.

What to expect in Soul.
If you are a career woman or a young professional who loves solid colors in stylish shapes and cuts, Soul is for you.  They have limited selections in print, but the best items, for me, would be the ones that you can stylishly wear in and and out of the office or during a client call.  The cut of the dresses available are unique, not revealing, but  the way it drapes to your body spells sexy but not cheap.  It means you can be in your work clothes without having to look drab.  The usual clientele I see inside the shop are businesswomen, artists, and women in their mid to late 20's and above.  Mostly women who needs versatile clothes...

The store ambiance in Abreeza is actually very nice...posh to be exact.  Bigger than the store in gmall but not big enough to lose intimacy.  I think that's what department stores lack, with it's too bright lights and endless racks of clothes with countless women carelessly browsing, looking for what they think they need.

(me in dressing room, Ms. Mimi and husband)

Good clothes will always be good clothes...and Soul offers that and more.
and i love their dressing rooms!

This is the bag that I love in the store...I ended up buying a top though...not for me...  I just got home from a trip and have enough clothes to last me a lifetime so I ended up shopping for te neng.  I gave her a lace/4-sisters type of top.  It kinda looked weird to her at first but she ended up loving it after trying it on.

Soul Lifestyle also offers VIP Card.  When you shop a minimum of PHP3,500 (single purchase)-- you will be given a privilege card that entitles you to 20% discount in your next purchases.  Valid for one year...I just got mine! yey! ^.^

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Diamond Peel is good for you

I'm scared of facials. In my twenty-seven kikay years, I have not had a facial in my life...not even once.  I'm  scared of the pricking and stuff that comes with it.  Although I have a lot of friends who has super smooth face because of facials.

With spa centers sprouting everywhere, facials and diamond peel have become super affordable these days.        I've been eyeing "diamond peel" for two years now but never got the chance to try it until I attended the Bioessence's launch in Abreeza a few weeks ago.

I was with Olan, Phillip, and Mark (yes, I'm the unica hija in the bunch--go figure ^.^).  All three guys opted for facials... I asked only for the diamond peel instead.

The correct regimen should have been, a facial and then a diamond peel.  The girl said that diamond peel closes the pores the facial treatment has opened.  I just asked for the diamond peel in the fear that some holes may not close hehe!

For the Spa/Facial Fanatics, they know that Diamond Peel is from that age-old treatment called, dermabrasion.  Except that Diamond Peel is a modern system that uses a gentler approach.  What diamond peel does is that it exfoliates your skin using an applicator head that delivers a steady stream of diamond shaped fine crystals to your skin.  Effect is removal of your old skin leaving your face, smooth and rejuvenated.

Naturally our skin rejuvenates every ten days...but cell renewal is dependent on our lifestyle.  The more unhealthy it is, the slower cell renewal becomes.  Because its slower, imperfections, like skin pigmentations and roughness can be experienced.  Diamond Peel evens that out by exfoliating old and dead skin cells on your face.

Diamond Peel is used to treat the following.

  • Aging and sun-damaged skin.
  • Some types of acne scarring and acne.
  • Altered pigmentation.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Fine lines.
  • Enlarged and clogged pores

Diamond peel can give you a glowing skin, refined skin pores, fewer acne breakouts, younger appearance, a more youthful neck, renewed elasticity, and a good even skin tone.

Best to get diamond peel twice a week if it is for treament.  But for those who already has a clear skin but wishes to maintain it, can avail of the treatment once a week or once every two weeks.

In Bioessence, If you go for a facial, you are automatically treated with Diamond Peel for better results.  It would cost around 1,800 but a special package of Php10,000 is available for 10 facial sessions (from 1,800 to a 1,000/per treatment)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Samsung Sexy Street Style Promo

SEXY for me is that attitude that can arouse a high appealing interest without having to say a word.  Some people call it X-factor.  And you, what is sexy for you?  
Your answer might just bring you a sexy gift from Samsung.

Samsung is redefining "SEXY" with  Samsung Notebook Series 9's sexy street style with you.  Join this contest and get a chance to win a Samsung Notebook Series and designer dresses from Rajo Laurel, Rhette Eala, and Randy Ortiz.

Contest Mechanics:
  1. Register on Samsung Notebook Series 9: Sexy Street Style Facebook fanpage.
  2. Upload a stylish photo in of yourself that defines what sexy for you is.
  3. Write about your personal definition of sexy.
  4. Ask your friends to vote for your sexy photo entry.
  5. Make it your profile picture in Facebook
  6. Sexiest photos get a chance to win either a Samsung Notebook Series 9 or a Rajo Laurel, Rhette Eala, or Randy Ortiz designer wear.

Samsung Notebook Series 9 Product Specs:
  • Ultra Slim Profile at 0.64”
  • Lightweight Body at 2.86lbs.
  • Stunning display at 400NIT
  • Intel Core i5-2537M Processor
  • (1.40GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 3MB cache memory)
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory
  • 128GB Solid State Drive
  • 13.3-inch LED Hi-Definition (400NIT, Non-Gloss) Screen with SuperBrightPlus Technology
  • Built-in 1.3 Megapixel Hi-Definition Webcam
  • Built-in Bluetooth Version 3.0 Hi-Speed
  • Chargeable 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, MicroSD Card Slot
  • Surround Sound 3D Sound Effect
  • Arch Flow Design, Black Chassis, Made from Duralumin (2x Stronger than Aluminum)
  • 3 Years Warranty (1 Year International, 2 Years Local)
Samsung Notebook Series 9 SRP: PHP 79,900.00
Available in retail outlets nationwide.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brazilian blowout @ ENVY ME

Brazilian Blowout is now available in Davao! Yey! Hollywood is currently crazy over this protein-base hair treatment and finally, Envy Me Salon is offering it.For those who are hearing this the first time, Brazilian Blowout a hair smoothening treatment.  

It will do four things to your mane. 
  1. It will take the frizz out
  2. Because it is protein based, it will strengthen your hair.
  3. It will make your hair shiny and manageable
  4. restores it back to health.
Unlike its predecessors, Brazilian blow-out is chemical free.  Meaning, it doesn't use the famous formaldehyde solution before, during, or after your hair treatment.  The solution used in your hair is formulated with KeraSafe Bonding Sytem that includes plant extracts of Camu camu and Annato seeds, ingredients that can be found in Brazil.

The treatment's goal is to deposit and seal animo acids in your hair.  This is the key to having a smooth and frizz free mane.

Treatment Duration: about 90 minutes
Procedure: Your stylist will wash your hair, put the solution, iron it, wash it again, deeply conditions it for 1min, and blow dry it.

The treatment will last for 12 weeks.
I did not say anything to my stylist so he thought I wanted it straight, next time,
I'm gonna have it J.LO ^.^

Previously treated hair, like rebonded and colored hair, should avail of this treatment because this treatment will strengthen your hair.  Notice how colored hair will will shine in luster.  It will not erase the color as well, but rather, it will make hures .  Damaged hair gets restored in less than two hours with this treatment as well.

After the treatment, you can immediately take a bath, if you like.  BI left the salon and immediately went to eat at the restaurant without having to worry that people will flee because i smelled as if I just repacked one truck of cough syrup. 

Why do I like it? it's summer! I need all the protection I can for my hair and still have it smooth and shiny regardless of how many beach escapades I go to.  It's my solution to having fab hair even at the beach!  I means, I can get up from the bed, brush my teeth and jump in the water without having to worry that I might look like a hag after it's dried.  You can also clip your hair or tie it without having to worry that it will leave marks

kathy with her stylists @ Envy Me Salon
How does it feel? It is soft and definitely not stiff.

After care: They have shampoo and conditioner available at the salon that will help your brazilian blow-out stay longer than 12 weeks.

Is this hair straightening? NO, its hair smoothening. You can tell your stylist to have it curled or make it wavy or whatever before they wash the solution out and blow dry your hair :)

Where to go: 
Hairs and Nails Salon is located in Illustre, Davao City.
Envy Me Salon is located in Mcarthur Highway, fronting NCCC Matina.

Envy Me also has branches in General Santos City and Marbel.

*Envy Me is the first to offer Brazilian Blowout in the Philippines and 2nd in Asia. The first was in Hong Kong.
**Brazilian Blowout treatment is from the US.

Outside Davao City: Heard that Salons in Rustan's offer this treatment.  Be sure to look for the Brazilian Blowout Seal for a guaranteed legit service.

Sexy Samsung Notebook Series 9

My trusty lappy is on its way to retirement.  The battery just failed and I managed to add more injury by breaking the power button.  Since February, I've been looking for an apt replacement.  Because I'm always traveling to do shoots, I'm mainly rooting for something light and thin without having to look geeky.  Something my make-up artist friend would look at and appreciate.  Well, I may drive a truck-- but I'm still a girl.

And I think I just got my prayers answered.

Samsung just launched its sexiest notebook, the Samsung Notebook Series 9.  The launching was  last March 22 at the Peninsula Hotel.  What's more interesting is that famous fashion designers like Rajo Laurel, Randy Otiz, an Rhett Eala showcased their latest collection inspired by the new notebook.  Coolness. I've never heard of a gadget being launched in a fashion show before.

Dubbed as sophisticated and promoted for its sexiness, Samsung Notebook Series 9 has a screen size of 13 inches.  The notebook is 16.33mm with a weight of 1.31kg.  It boasts of Samsung's LED technology(SuperBright Plus) display with a 16million color reproduction.  This means the notebook is 80% brighter than any other notebooks available.

What got my attention though is that it is encased in the most advance Duralumin metal alloy-- the alloy used in specialized aircrafts, making it very durable.  I've always wanted to know the feeling of owning a Boeing plane...this might be the cheaper ticket *tee hee!

Good News!

For those who wants to own this sexy unit, worth PHP 79K +++ , LIKE Samsung Notebook Series 9 Facebook Page. An upcoming contest will be announced in the page.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spring Theme: Loungerie for S/S 2011

Loungerie - Lingerie as outer wear.  Remember Jennifer Garner's "13 going on 30" movie?  Recall the scene where she jumped out of the bed disoriented in her nighties and found herself on the street and her BFF found her in her Silk Lingerie and commented that it is so whatever year?  Yep, that one.  Look for that one or dresses similar to it.  2011 is all about silk and laces, and lingerie apparently is the mother queen of anything smooth, silky and lacey-- not to mention "see through"...and designers are bringing it on the street.

I'm wondering if a corset would be a trend, so far, I haven't seen one.  Most of the stuff I've noticed are flowy and sheer dresses...but with the biker/punk chic theme, a corset might just pull the trick for ladies like me who needs to be "bound" for our curves to show.  Unlike the super slim supermodels, I'd be better off with a simple and plain---and maybe a sheer tee and a corset on top of it.  does it fit the 70's theme? A corset with lace and ruffles?  I remember seeing a guess? ad with the model wearing a is definitely gaining momentum...just have to wait the first brave souls to try it, then we, stupid people, can follow hehehe.  

But Loungerie theme is all about being soft (ehem, corset might be in a different spring category), with a hint of nostalgia.  It communicates intimacy and eternal seduction without being overtly sexual.  There are women who are just ravishing in the morning...

In terms of color, Spring 2011 is definitely all about freshness -- brights and whites.